A&B Duo
with Guilherme Brício


the cover 



The A&B duo is the project from two old friends: Alex Saba & Beto Frega. The two musicians had been working in many projects since the 80's.

Now is the time to play together and live their compositions.

The photo at right was taken after the TV show on July 14.
The show was recorded live and their old friend Guilherme Brício join the duo for a couple of songs playing sax and flute.

Below there are some pictures and videos from the show


Beto and Alex at Sugar Loaf - Rio de Janeiro

Beto Frega

Alex Saba
6 & 12 acousstic gtr
acosutic synth gtr
electric synth gtr

Guilherme Brício
Sax and flute

A capa
The cover

Alex did this cover for Brancaleone Design in two days. "Divine inspiration" he told me.

He and Beto were long time friends and played in many differents bands. It seems naturally to have the two boys playing in the beach, in fact only one boy, Alex's son Gustavo, playing in the same place the Duo took the official pictures. Coincidence? If you believe, could it be.

Since the beach was the place they talk about life and other projects, it seems obviously the sand and the sea will be present at this cover.

The beautiful picture at middle, from the seabed was from Paul Nicklen.


Alex (acoustic synth gtr)

Beto (keyboard)


Alex (acoustic gtr) Guilherme (flute) Beto (kb)

Guilherme (flute)

Alex (electric synth gtr) Guilherme (alto sax)



(Beto Frega & Alex Saba)

While you're looking at this video, let me tell you something about it. This song was written by Beto around the 80's. He show it to Alex and while playing it, Alex start playing a melody over the original chords and melody.

They refined the song with their quartet playnig in Rio de Janeiro, but here they play it in a almost uptempo mode. The song is a bit faster them the way they play it


Vale Encantado/Enchanted Valley
(Beto Frega)

This is a song for a Enchanted Valley Beto visit one day. We don't know if the valley is still enchanted, but the spirit is here.

Martini Seco/Dry Martini
(Alex Saba)

Alex wrote this song for a school group he have, but it Twas a bit complicate for his mates. In fact, with the help of Guilherme, he shape the final version and released at his first solo album.

Althought a song written with Paul Desmond in mind, now the song is for his friend Guilherme.

Hora do Rush/Rush Hour
(Beto Frega)

This is an old song from Beto. It was played many times, with diferent groups and now this is a version without percussion or drums. It was a great challenge for the players.

A friend ask why Alex play "center" guitar and there is only one answer: the time is with the acoustic guitar.


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