Childhood's End
A Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

The Album

the songs

Palavras iniciais
First words

Alex was invited by Dale Kay to collaborate in this project with many others electronic musicians around the world.

Alex decided to record the first part from Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra: The Dawn. It's a theme associated with the 2001: Space Odyssey movie from Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C.Clarke. He decided to play live, but after a while he added an electronic piano. It was the only overdub in the track.

The album's title name comes from the Arthur C. Clarke novel, Childhood's End. The album contains 22 songs from artists around the world. 25% of the profits from the album will be donated to the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation.

After a long delay, the album will be release by Brancaleone Records on January 2014.
Check out more information about the album and the artists clicking here or the cover below to jump to the official site.

A capa
The cover

In addition this 2 CD set includes original artwork. Frank Chase granted permission to include 2 pieces of 3D artwork that he did specially for Mr. Clarke. "Arthur had them in his living room collection", Mr. Chase said of them.
The other is an "Overlord" by Steve Ballard a character from Childhood's End.

Soon more info about the beautiful cover.

As músicas
The songs

CD 1

Also Sprach Zarathustra - Alex Saba
Rendezvous with Rama - Steve Ballard
Der lange Weg - Flaming Bess
The Fugitive - Miles Macmillam
Last Light - Steve Hillman
Childhood's End - Inquisitor Betrayer
Chaos Theory - Computerchemist
Eta Merinae - Masse Memoire
Subversive-Equations - Joel Braveman
Vision from Space - Arroniz
Comet Fall - Craig Padilla

CD 2

Dreamworld - Among the Weeds
Tracks - Gilberto Strapazon
Tin Soldier's March - Mike Alvarez
Xtacy Oxilator - Cyborg Music
Red Party - Amoeba Funk
Long Distance - Root
Relics of an Early Universe - Amongst MySelves
Artic Fold - Erik Ingmanndsen
Spirits Floating Free Into the Darkness - Phrozenlight
A Space Based Utopia Revisited 2008 - Mind Movie
Moonwatcher's Discovery - Mantiace

O vídeo
The video

Created and edited by Alex, this video feature scenes from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, some CG from Artbeats and screens captured from the Hall900 Screensaver.

© 1999-2013 Alex Saba

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