This guy is one of the greatest brazilian singers.
I'm luck to be his friend.

Ricardo Calafate

If you like Pat Metheny and brazillian guitar you could take a look of this great player/composer and his studio (Umuarama)

Paula Vellozo

Paula is a singer with swing. She lives and plays in São Paulo/Brazil.

Marcos Lima


Alex meet Marcos when he was producing a TV Show for a cable station at Rio de Janeiro. He is a great singer and composer and will be releasing his third album in 2007. Take a look at one song from the show produced and directed by Alex here.

Guilherme Bricio

Almost a childhood friend, Guilherme is a great sax/flute player from Rio de Janeiro.

Wagner Ricciardi

Wagner has a drum inside his head. Great guitarrist with lots of rhythms.

El Kabong

Was an (almost) acoustic guitar trio with me and two friends (Connan and Wagner). We played from 1998 to 1999

Eloy Fritsch

Gtreat brazillian keyboardist with a beatiful site. Take a close look.

Pierre Tassone

Pierre is a "webfriend" from French (now on Denmark), classical violinist and jazz musician. He wrote arrangements for a classical string quartet and you must hear to believe. He also plays violin with the experimental group Taylor's Free Universe.

Brett Service

Brett is another good friend from the Web and a great singer/songwriter from Canada, who presents his music acoustically. Alex wrote some strings arrangements for Brett's songs.

Anders Helmerson

Alex and Anders meet in March at Rio de Janeiro - Brazil at the official release of their albuns. Anders is a composer and keyboardist following Rick Wakeman's path.

more to come...


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 Marcos Lima
"Mucama Morena"

directed and produced
by Alex Saba

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