old and new equipments

the wall


Left to right:
Ibanez acoustic bass
Del Vechio fretless bass
Ovation steel acoustic/electric/synth gtr
Yamaha 12 strings acoustic/electri gtr
Barros nylon acoustic/electric gtr
Taylor steel acoustic/electric gtr
Brancatti electric/synth gtr
Yamaha electric bass
Aplause acoustic/electric mandolim
Gianini acoustic portuguese gtr
Roger Dean draw
assorted flutes


the floor

Right to left: the new audio rack, Roland Jazz Chorus,
assorted drum sticks, harmonicas, whistlers, mouth keyboard.

At the floor: the Hohner Steinberg gtr and
the Brancaleone custom fretless gtr.

Far right: video rack with VCRs, DVD recorder and TV monitor.

the very old studio's power amplifier the vintage guitar's effects plus RP1

This old model was a student's project in a local university, but the project was so unbeliveable that they produced it in industrial scale.

Today they are "vintage" effects, but years ago they were only OLD stuff. The MXR is an original one for the glory days
and is still here with the RP1.

the old synths rack  
Top to bottom:

Monitor One (right chanel)
Mackie 1604 VLZ
Power Conditioner
Roland MIDI Patch A880
Roland GR 50
Korg Wavestaion SR
Yamaha TX81z
Sound "Card" Delta 66
Yamaha Reverb
Roland SC88 MkII

at left the small Danelectro gtr amp

not pictured:
Midisport 4x4
DMP3 pre-amplifier
Alesis DM5 Drum module

  the old old audio rack

Top to bottom:

Tonus Mixer,
Thorenz turntable
Sony DAT
Yamaha Double K7
Technics Equalizer
Pre AdCom
Power RA100

The Ovation at left and
the "special" mouse pad at my chai




the old keyboards


Top to bottom (again)

Roland SH101
Roland Juno Alpha 2
Alesis QS7.1
(The SH101 was sold and a KORG Z1 was included in the set-up.)

At left the AMD main CPU with Midisport 4x4 at top.
(The AMD was upgraded to a Pentium IV with 512Mb of RAM)

At the floor (left to right) the Digitech RP1, Boss Chromatic Tuner/Power suply, Boss FV 50 Volume pedal, Yamaha sustain pedal (for QS7.1), MXR Phaser 100, Boss DD3 Digital Delay, Dunlop Wah Wah (not pictured) and MXR Compressor (not pictured).

Behind the keyboards some of the guitars and basses.


the old work desktop

At left my work table (click it to see a bigger image)
It isn't a premium design, but ... works for me.
The 17" monitor has plenty of space to "breath", because the table is at the corner of the studio.
I use cordless' keyboard and mouse. This way I can move myself around, not being "locked" to the table.
Under the table you could see two amplifiers: the Dean Markley (black) and the Danelectro (brown).

At left it is the audio rack and at right the synths' rack.
The two Alesis Monitor One are positioned a little up of my ears.
There are also a HP Scanner and a Genius Tablet over the table.