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Alex plays:

Spirit of the Woods flutes
Nylon Acoustic guitars

Aumkar Didgeridoo
kalimba, assorted percussion and ocarinas


Transversal and bamboo flute and Xaphoon

There is also many other percussions instruments like harmonicas, kazoo, jew harp, mouth keyboard and so on...

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Custom Electric/Synth Guitar Custom Fretless Guitar Ovation Acoustic/Synth guitar 1621
This GTR was made by a young luthier, Gustavo Brancatti and had the "ok" from a guitarrist known as Pat Metheny. A small and heavy gtr with medium  gauge (010) strings with a GK3 attached. It seens like a SG but it's a Ookpik, my first electric and it  was in a corner for years. My friend Ricardo Calafate did the fretless scale and Rodrigo Nahar installed the Fernades Sustainer. It's now a completely diferent instrument. This small GTR it's excellent behind keyboards and to travel. I discovered its great sounds capabilities while recording the bonus tracks for STOA. The strings are light (09) gauge. My main axe with the quartet Hora do Rush. I love the feel of the Ovation GTRs. Look the GK2 pickup attached. I use medium gauge (10) here. I also tryed a light (09) set, but the sound it's not the same.
12 Strings Acoustic guitar APX-4-12A   Barros 2005  Del-Vechio Fretless bass
I always loved the sound of the 12 strings guitars. Over the years I owned many diferent ones. Now this is the one I'm using it with a light set of strings. I can't bend any pair of strings but it's easy to play it. I bought this one in 2010, after playing a similar Taylor at Pro-Music I fell in love with its rich tone, size and feel. I'm not sure if I will add a GK2 at this one. It has a heavy gauge (12) set of the excellents Exile strings. This is my third acoustic/electric guitar. It was made by Mr. Barros, a luthier from Volta Redonda - (Brazil) and it has a fantastic acoustic sound. One of the best nylon GTR I played over the years. It has Fishman electronics and it comes with Gianini strings. I have to make a confession: this bass is not mine. My brother Beto Frega, leaved it with me. It's a Del Vechio from the 50s, one of the first one made in Brazil. It's a model called Beatles and designed by Mr. Angelo Del Vecchio. A fretless bass, with Fender electronics by Filipe Cavalieri.
Yamaha electric bass BB1500A Ibanez acoustic/electric bass - mod AEB45LG Aplause Mandolim Portuguese acoustic guitar
This one features a solid Alder body, mated to a slim, vintage-style Maple neck and full two-octave Rosewood fingerboard. It has black bridge and tuners. The pick guard was lost somewhere. Active hum-canceling single-coil pickups easily make subtle or dramatic tonal changes. Very interesting to get some deep sounds. I found this one lying somewhere at Pro-Music and take it home. It sounds exactly how it looks. This bass will be here for a long time. An electric mandolim by Aplause. Is not easy to play this beast. The arm is too thin and small. I like the electronics and the electric sound. A typical "Guitarra Portuguesa" made in Brasil. This one doesn't have the ornaments of the original guitars, but it is well done. Twelve strings, a special sound, but forget what you know about tunnig with this one.
I really don't know why I don't have any good picture from my keyboards.
I will try to do some of them.