The Truth

The Audio
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Yamaha MG32/14FX


Alesis RA100

Pre Amplifiers


Graphic Equalizer


Dat Recorder

Sony PCM-R300

Double Deck K7 Recorder



Alesis Monitor One

Midi Patch Bay

Roland A880


Mad Lab Cables, Monster Cables, Vampire Cables, Old Cables

Efects & Processors

Dbx Compressor Limiter, Aphex Aural Exciter, MXR Phaser, Dunlop Wahwah, Boss Digital Delay, Line 6 Xpod Live, Boss RC50 Loop Station, Digitech RP1, many small pedals and several computers plug-ins.

The Guitars
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Brancatti/Brancaleone electric/synth (with GK3 synth pick-up)

Hohner "Steinberg" electric - mod G3T

Taylor acosutic/electric - mod 214ce

Ovation acoustic/electric/synth (with GK2a synth pick-up) - mod 1621

Yamaha 12 string acoutic/electric - mod APX-4-12A

Brancaleone Fretless electric guitar

Barros Luthier acoustic/electric nylon - mod 2005

DiGiorgio nylon acoustic (1957)

Applause electric mandolin - mod MAE148

Gianini "portuguesa" acosutic guitar

Del Vechio modified fretless bass

Ibanez acoustic/electric bass - mod AEB45LG

Yamaha electric bass - mod BB1500A

The Keyboards & Synths
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Synths Rack)

Alesis QS7.1

Korg Z1

Korg Wavestation  S/R

Yamaha Tx81z

Roland Sound Canvas 88 MkII

Roland GR 55 guitar synth

Roland Juno Alpha 2

Yamaha Dx100

Alesis DM5

Roland SPD20

  Roland JV1080 + Xpand boards


Spirit of the Woods flute Aumkar Didgeridoo

Noblet Transversal flute

Maoni Xaphon

Yamaha Soprano Recorder

Yamaha Contralto Recorder

Yamaha Pfife Recorder

Queña (bamboo flute)

Bamboo transversal flue

assorted Ocarinas


African Kalimba

Egyptian Derbak

Latex Hand Drum

Indian Tabla

Brazillian Indian Shakers

Assorted percussion (bongos, handdrums, hand cymballs, etc)


Intel i5 2.4Ghz 2Gb Ram, 500Gb + 1Tb of HD
+ removable (160Gb + 5000Gb) of HD storage,
CD/DVD writer, 
sound board MAudio Delta 66,
M-Audio Midisport4x4 (midi interface)

AMD 64 3.4Ghz 2Gb Ram, 80Gb + 120Gb + 500Gb
+ removable (80Gb + 80Gb +80Gb + 120Gb) of HD storage,
DVD writer, sound blaster 5.1,
Radeon 9250SE (double monitors + TV set)
Pyro AV/DV video capture

IBM LeNovo ThinkPad T23 1.3Ghz, with 1Gb Ram,
60Gb of HD storage, DVDR


AKG C3000

Shure SM81

Shure SM 58

Shure SM57

Pioneer D10