CD Catalogue

Many Years ago, when I was writing software with a friend, another one told me about a little program he wants to use to catalogue his CD collection.

We were at the old days of computers and Windos (3.1) was a must.

I wrote this little program for his use and we are still using it.
My friend wrote me last week (october,3) and told me to give you his name.
I'm doing that now, the guy who needs the program was Mr.David Szpiro.
He is asking me about the windows version of our program, but I prefer be playing and recording music.
Writing programs lies in the past now. Apologizes David!!

It's a very little program (for today) and we use it to catalogue not only CDs, but VHS, CDR, CDRW, K7, DAT and many other stuff.

This program is free for you and you are free to distribute it to your friends, but please tell him about me. :-)



Click here to download it