Electro Suite & Tributes
(to a lonely guy and more people)

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"Thanks Alex!
BTW, I enjoyed your "Electro Suite" very much. I'd like to congratulate you for the quality of the album production and especially for truthful interpretation of Japanese classical music, which repeatedly amazes me at each listen. Bravo!"
Tatsurou Ueda

Palavras iniciais
First words


Lançado em dezembro pelo selo Brancaleone Records.
Esta é uma versão limitada, numerada e autografada por Alex Saba não disponível nas lojas, mas todas as músicas estão disponíveis para download nos sites habituais.



Released in december by the labels Brancaleone Records. This is a limited, numbered and personally signed version not avaiable at the stores, but all the music (and a bit more) are avaiable to download at traditional sites.


I will not write to much here because the songs and the music do a better job, but mine is to introduce you this album, performed by Alex and recorded at the Aquilante Studio by Ailan Partson and produced with some help of mine.

You will read more bellow, now the important information it's about the instruments envolved here. Alex used only synthesizers. No acoustic instruments were used in this project. You will hear digital banjos, digital drums, but no real one.


A capa
The cover

Alex had a dream with a plug lying on the floor and decided to follow his dreams once more. The picture was taken at Aquilante's main floor. He also decided to use pictures from Aquilante at the inner sleeve, since this is his most electronic album to date it seens logical to use the equipment as reference to the listener.

Here you see the cover's first version with the old title.



An album for any moment. Full of twists you will be surprised by a new kind of electronic music. Sometimes it will sound acoustic but you will know the diference in the next moment. Three tributes complement the album. (CDBaby)

As músicas
The songs

This is the main song of the album. It's strong and it starts a vision inside everyone's mind: the movie from Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C.Clarke. This arrangement was made specially for a Clarke's tribute coordinated by Norway keyboardist Dale. This was Alex's contribution for the double album soon available.
One final curiosity abou this track: it was recorded live and later Alex played the Electric Wurlitzer piano solo.

Also Sprach Zarathustra
(Richard Strauss & Alex Saba)


to Mr.Arthur C.Clarke

This second song was in fact, the first tribute Alex wrote specifically for one person like an actual tribute. When he composed Mr.Davis (from his first album) it started as a song with the feeling of Miles Davis. Here he tries to capture the feeling inside his own heart for the loss of a great man. It wasn't an easy job, but you can feel the anger, the compassion and the resignation. Chopin helps a lot here with his own prelude.

Prelude #1


to Mr.Bob Moog

Some songs, some times, seems to be composed by another person. Alex even recognize his own touch in his own playing. Sounds weird but it's not. When Alex show me this song I told him: "It's from a Zawinul album?". It wasn't and now it's here

Remember JZ


to Mr.Joe Zawinul

Here is a song written for a never released TV documentary about robots. Alex was producing a program using the Three Laws from Isaac Azimov to demonstrate how the future is now and how are our dependence from the robots. The original name was something like Friendly Robots, but the channel opt for another vision and the work is lying somewhere in the Aquilante Studio, but this will be the main theme. I don't remember if there is more music for this show ready. I have to investigate it when Alex leave the studio for a while.

Charming Robots #1



from the never released TV Show

And now we have the suite.
This suite tells the story of a young guy searching the world for people like him. He leaves home and travels to America, Europe and Japan but ends his journey doing an incredible inner voyage.
Alex started this work many years ago with the goal to find his electronic voice. It was not intended to be release, but I convinced him of doing so

Electro Suite

#1 Leaving Home
#2 America
#3 Europe
#4 Japan
#5 Inner Voyage

to someone

If you're here (and I hope you come here after buying the album elsewhere) you will know about this bonus track not listed at the cover. An Alex's friend ask him to short the album's first track to use it as a ring tone. So Alex decided to include this small track as a bonus. Soon it'll be here for download. If you want it NOW, just send us one or two words and we will send it.

Also Sprach Zarathustra
(Ring tone version)



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