Original Sound Track for J.R.R.Tolkien's book by
Alex Saba & Friends


The Guests

The Orchestra

the songs commented

Alex está escrevendo os temas deste (ambicioso) projeto desde 1999. Converter em música a obra de Tolkien é uma tarefa difícil, mas emocionante.

Tolkien influenciou muitas gerações de músicos, progressivos ou não. Muitos leitores, tem suas próprias "visões" do universo de Tolkien e aqui, Alex tratou de colocar suas próprias imagens.

Alex is writing the songs for this ambicious project since 1999. Turn the work (and words) of Tolkien in music is a hard but exciting job.

Tolkien influencied a hole generation of musicians, from Steve Hacket to the Spanish ProgRock Band Galadriel. Many readers have their own visions of Tolkien's Universe and Alex tried to captured his owns images.

May / 29 / 2005

Alex spent many years composing and arranging the songs and now the work is slowed down by another projects he was involved.
He recorded his own solo tracks
(guitars, acosustic and electric, and many others instruments) and mixed some of the songs.
The orchestral scores were recorded with the Petit Orkestra Brancaleone.

The impossible shot

The (impossible) meeting of J.R.R.Tolkien and Alex Saba at Neuf Bridge in Paris

the orchestra

The Petit Brancaleone Orkestra is a multi racial orchestra. We don't know if this was the best definition for this ensemblem, but since we have a hard work going on it doesn't matter, because we are from all over the world. Soon we will list all members here, but for this recording we have more guys working then on the live version of the orchestra, because of schedulle problems. The Petit Brancaleone Orkestra was created by Alex and it is conducted by Beto Frega and Alex himself. At the Brancaleone's site there is an extended description about the "history" behind them. We apologize, but the history was written by Alex in portuguese and we don't have found time to work in the trasnlation.

The POB is a kind of a camera orchestra plus oriental instruments, mainsly percussion and you can hear it's sound at MISSA UNIVERSALIS and some of the songs bellow. There is no other orchestra like it in all world.

a capa

the cover

A idéia inicial era recriar o mundo de Tolkien através dos desenhos de Flávio Augusto, com pinturas e desenhos originais para todo o encarte.

O desenho da capa foi modificado e não conterá mais nenhum desenho, pois há "overdose" com visual com o filme. Decidiu-se usar apenas as palavras, o maior legado de Tolkien. Ainda não tivemos problemas jurídicos, mas estamos preparados com algumas alternativas.

The original idea was to recreate Tolkien's Word throught Flavio Augusto's paints. All drawing specificly made for this work.

Things were changed in the cover. No picture or image will be used. Since we now have an "overdose of visual effects" from the movie. The decisionis to relay only in the words, since this was the major work of Tolkien.

as músicas

the songs

Here are the songs of Tolkien's World. Everyday there is one more song and more work.
It seens we have a double disk set. There are to much sounds for a single disc.
Now we have something like 43 themes. Some a minute long, others around 5 or 6 minutes.
Since everything are always changing, this set list isn't complete.


The Songs

The Guests

1.Openning - Ring's Short Story

Here, many friends from diferente countries read the overture text by Tolkien: Tatsuro from Japan, Pierre from France, Claudia from Denmark, Brett from Canada, André Saba from Brazil and Candice from German.


2. Overture

 Now is time fot the orquestra.


3. Hobbiton



4. The Lonely Hobbitt - Bilbo Baggins

Guilherme Bríccio - alto sax


5. Gandalf - The Grey



6. The Big Oak's Party

Bernardo Renauld - electric guitar


7. The One Ring



8. The Little Hobbitt and The One Ring

9. Sam

Sérgio Simões - Classical guitar

10. Pipim

11. Three is Company


12. Strider


13. Legolas


14. The Black Knights

Beto Frega - piano solo


15. Lothlórien (Elfs' City)
16. Celeborn


17. Galadriel

Paula Vellozo - vocals & acoustic guitar


18. The Company (Seven Heroes)


19. The Labyrinth


20. Dungeon



21. Dwarf's Cave



22. Frodo's Second theme


23. The Orcs


24. Uruk-Hai



25. Boromir's Réquien



26. Aragorn - The King


27. Golum


28. The Ents



29. Lingua de Cobra


30. Gandalf - The White


31. Isengard


32. Saruman

Connam - all voices


33. The Dragon



34. Horsemen's Battle

Jansem Penna - synthesyzer solo


35. The Two Towers



36. Medused

Sergio Botelho - recorder


37. Laracna's Hole



38. Lord Of The Rings

Connam - all vocals


3921. Gandalf - The White



39. On The Fire Mountain


40. The Wedding (Aragorn & Arwen)

Beto Frega - Synth solo


41. Return to Hobbiton



42. The Last Cross



43. Underture


The Guests

My dear firend Miguel from Portugal are helping with the english names of the songs.

My musicians' friends and their instruments

Bernardo Reinauld

R Electric Guitar
Beto Frega R Acoustic Piano & synth, arrangements
Connam Vocals, voices and effects

Guilherme Bríccio

  Flutes and Sax

Jansen Penna

R Synthesizers
Paula Vellozo R Vocals and acoustic guitar
Sandra Florencio and Ana Bolsano Backing vocals
Sergio Botelho   Recorder and backing vocals
Sérgio Simões R Acoustic Classical Guitar
Tatsurou Ueda, Pierre and Claudia Tassone, Brett Service, André Saba and Candice R Tolkien's spoken words

R = recorded

© 1999-2005 Alex Saba
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