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Why not take a bit of your precious time and take a look in the colaborative project between Peter Gabriel and Alex?
Alex did a remix for
Shock The Monkey and he is proud of his job with Gabriel.
We hope this could be one of many.

Alex will be starting some new projects soon, since the new album is finished.
An old partnership will be back soon.

As usual, if you have something to say about my work here or if you have any idea about this site, will be a pleasure receiving your letter.



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xote do macaco (with peter gabriel)

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Almos two uears after the last post. No problems, you are not reading this.
The news are:
1. New album soon available;
2. Alex are still with the Alone in Good Company Project;
3. Some colaborative work with another guitarrist is on schedulle.
4. Alex wrote some guitar rock music for a game machine.


After a huge delay we´re back. Facebook sucks and we have many problems there with our page. They change everything when they want and the way they want. Well, that´s not more a problem.

The project with Renato changes to the (now) famous Alone in Good Company Project Alex´s played the past years in many places around the world (sorry, but we don´t have a schedule) as a pocket show or a short version show,

Alex is at Aquilante composing new material for the project, since he wants to extend it to a full show with special guests among his great friends.
Now he is also thinking about a live album with the new material and some of his old songs.


Alex will produce one project with his friend Renato Cruz. This project was a Renato's idea from some music they were listen at Renato's store while Alex was autographing some of his albuns. I only can tell you one word: guitars. Alex will return to his main instruments. The guys are talking and I am listening. Any new I'll post here.


Things are always changing. Alex is writing music for a new project while we are waiting for some money to release ZERO. The new album will bring some fresh ideas and will be another twist on Alex's discography.


We are now working again to release the ZERO. What the hell is this?
Mr Paulo Bergo are near us to record the bass on the new track and...


Well, the Electro Suite & Tributes album is on the streets. You can click the orange bottom at top right to see where to buy the album or the MP3 files. We have many problems with the cover and now everything is fine. It's a beatiful paper sleeve cover, like a mini LP, near the dream Alex had for this album. Now it's time to movo on. Alex is again composing at Aquilante while I'm here telling the world about the release.


I know you're doing your best to buy Alex's new album Electro Suite & Tributes, but a little problem at CDBaby are delaying the project to be sold. They are also doing their best to correct. Sorry, but we only can wait.


It's curious, but the album released in 2009 (Electro Suite) are still not available at CD Baby.


While waiting, I'd like you to take a look at the Hora do Rush page. Just click here.


I started this micro-blog years before "tuíter" and I forgot the date, because it wasn't important. For now on here comes the date! :-)

"Competitions are for horses" said Bela Bartok years ago, but Alex decided do give some credit to the sci-fi museum in Swiss and send his openning track from Electronic Suite & Tributes. Maybe...
Now Z E R O is still coming, but...
write us if you want to know more about it.
Electronic Suite & Tributes
Since there is one big track to open an album (read bellow), Alex decided to use it in his next one. He compiled some electronic music and other tributes he wrote (like Moog's tribute). It's something completed diferent from his previous albuns (as usual).
Childhood's End - A tribute
Alex was invited to join stars from electronic music in a tribute to Arthur C.Clarke. He did a new version to the well known Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra. This will be the openning track of the double album.
Alex finished his third album at Aquilante.
You can see the news at STOA page.
Xote do Macaco
"Shock The Monkey" from Peter Gabriel got a remix from Alex.
Now known as "Xote do Macaco" the remix are the world mouth new.
You can listen or see the video edit by Alex.

We have some good reviews from Alex's albuns around the world.
I invite you to read them clicking here.

Moog's tribute
Alex wrote a song to be include in Bob Moog's tribute page.
You can hear it clicking here or at the download option above.

O livro
O primeiro livro de Alex está disponível para download em formato PDF incluindo todos os croquis do autor. Você pode ler a apresentação e os cinco primeiros capítulos aqui.

Alex around the world
I found some pages pointing to Alex's page.
Take a look clicking here.
Here is an interview Alex gave some years ago to Lanzarini (from Progressive Rock Page) about his first album Angel's Dream.

short biography

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